How to get a High score on TOEFL test

Hi everybody 🙂 maybe some of you wonder why I wrote this post in English xD. Well the reason is because this post is mainly about the TOEFL, the Test Of English as Foreign Language is an English test in which you are tested in three areas of English.

  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Reading


Consist of hear several conversations, first you hear short conversations and then you need to answers few questions about you hear, then you are tested width longer conversations to test your retention capacity.


This is one of the more hardest part of the test and in the first part of this your grammatical structure knowledge of sentences are tested. The second part of this mini test is about error detection and it is hardest too.


And finally the most boring xD, this part is about read long text with a lot of strange words, in this part the goal is to decipher the meaning of this words looking at the context.

And finally I decide to write this post because I want to show you a poster that my English teacher @Metaweb20 told us to do (me and my classmates).

I designed this using flash, clic here to view the large version

If you catch the message good for me jeje (means that I did a good job) but if you don’t I’m going to explain each part of the draw.

  • First I decide to write the word TOEFLin the center because every draw around is related with the TOEFL
  • The lamp means all the thinks you can do to improve your score, all of your potential is there, you only need to show up xD
  • The world and the msn logo means that in order to improve your English skills you can meet people of places around the world and talk to them
  • The Starbucks cup means a quiet place to study while you are preparing to take the test
  • The Ipod means that if you want to improve your listening abilities you need to listen English everywhere, so it’s a good idea to download podcast or English music
  • The Facebook and Twitter logos represent that you can use the social networks to practice your English, follow American people on twitter or be fan of an American page on facebook and you will be reading English most of time
  • The Blogger logo and the paper with the pencil represents the blogger community, it’s a good idea that if you wish to improve your reading or writing open a blog and start writing in English, also you can read too English blogs and learn new words or idioms
  • The mushrooms (Mario Bros) and the UFOs means you can play games like SecondLife or World of Wardcraft and meet people that speak other languages and learn for them (not only English)
  • The old youtube tv and the modern LCD TV represents that you can improve a lot your skills if you watch movies or videos with English subtitles if you want because you are more exposed to the languages and learn new words and phrases
  • And finally the google page and the Cambridge dictionary means that if you have any doubts always is a good idea to make a research about it, in order to know the meaning about this word, phrase or idiom (also this help you to increase your English vocabulary)

And that’s all, what do you thinks about this tips to increase the TOEFL score :)?, do you have more tips? let’s me know and I will post them on this entry.


PD1 If you want the .fla file of the design let me know
PD2 the images at the beginning of the post has nothing to do with the TOEFL xD, well only with English games

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    1. Alevsk Post author
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      Of course, I know that my English isn’t good at all xD, I’m not a native speaker … sorry. Thanks 4 visit my blog

      PD sospecho que eres tu zagre x’D

  1. BroOth3r
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    Lo siento compañero pero no e cogido la mitad del contenido, me dedicaré a leer los post en castellano mientras refuerzo mi inglés.

    1. Alevsk
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      Jejej no te preocupes amigo, no acostumbro a escribir post en ingles, ese lo escribí solamente por que era algo que nos dejaron en clase, pero este post es en español 🙂



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